Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dove Chocolate wrappers: not meant to be taken literally

I was sitting at my desk eating Dove chocolate, really my favorite thing to do at work ;), while pondering a somewhat stressful relationship in my life. If you're anything like me then you know what I mean by "pondering" is over analyzing everything, trying to figure out how I messed it up, always in the back of my mind, disappointed over the tension, and down right angry over certain things that by pondering I really mean obsessing. As I was thinking about all these things I opened up my Dove Chocolate and printed on the top of the wrapper it said "do what feels right"..I stared at it for about four seconds and then crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

I thought how funny that I was just wondering to myself what the right answer is to help this relationship in my life and I read that phrase. It made me angry because I thought how just doing "what feels right" is usually what gets us into the most difficult situations in the first place. We let just anything come out of our mouths to another "just because it felt right", we give another person the cold shoulder instead of having direct conversation with them because that "just felt right", we make decisions that we think will protect us but really they just isolate us because in that moment "it felt right". If we keep doing what just feels right then some of our relationships will never mend and we are setting the course for a very lonely life.

I don't want to do what feels right, I want to do what is right. 

And from my own prideful heart I can't correctly judge the difference between what feels right and what is right. This is where the word of God becomes invaluable. The right thing is not only to forgive but forgive seventy times seven (Matthew 18:21). That doesn't feel right to me but it is the right thing to do. When I feel wronged by someone's harsh words or wrong judgements the only thing I feel in that moment that will right the wrong is to fight back the same way they hurt me...but when I read 1 Peter 3:9 I then understand how I am to really respond. My point is if we just go around and keep doing what feels right that is not the best for others or for ourselves. If we just let our emotions lead us will we not be led astray?

I'm thankful that the Bible tells us of a more excellent way to live. A way that frees us from ourselves so we don't ever have to be enslaved to our emotions. Relationships can be messy but we always have a choice of how we want to respond. I don't want to do "what just feels right" there is no freedom in that! We are at our worst when we know the right thing to do and consistently choose the wrong thing to do. We can choose to have faith that if we choose to forgive, God will choose to make it right. It all comes down to choices not emotions.

and I'm obviously an emotionally driven person since I just sat down and wrote an entire post about what a Dove wrapper said...yeh...pray for me! ;)

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