Thursday, March 6, 2014

Believing in God is Not Enough

You ever get to that point in your life where you just feel stuck? You know, when you feel like you just keep going around the same mountain over and over again, no sense of moving forward, still dealing with yesterdays struggle today. You know, just stuck. Oh yeh okay…me either. NOT!

Have you ever struggled with something for so long you get disillusioned with God? We start to think things like God I heard you were my healer so aren't you HEALING me? Or I'm trying to apply your scriptures in my life I thought your word had POWER why do I feel exactly the same?? Am I the only one??

After a long long time of feeling "stuck" and after many many months of thinking and wrestling I finally came to the conclusion that believing in God is not enough, we have to believe that He is good too. If I want to "move forward" in God then how I view Him is really important. I need to believe that He loves me and has the best intentions toward me not just that He is there with me. I need to believe in who He is REALLY, not just some skewed picture of Him in my head seared by pain and negativity.

If I want healing the question is not whether or not I believe in God the question is whether or not I think He is good, and not just good, but good towards me. Healing comes when we trust that His heart is for us and not against us. When I stop believing that I have found that it literally shuts off the process of healing in my life. The only reason I finally came to this conclusion is because I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and I was desperate (and still am) for a remedy.

Just because other people hurt us doesn't mean that God has hurt us. Just because there are disappointments and loss doesn't mean that God intended harm for us. I think somewhere along this process we all will have to recognize that the pain that happened to us didn't come from His hand, even though at one point we may have been convinced that it did. Bottom line is I can't expect to attribute the works of the devil to God and be healed of my broken heart. So out of desperation to see tangible change in my life I have learned that one of the keys to healing is fighting to keep an accurate perspective of God. I say fight because I have to fight for it. My emotions want me to believe every lie that the enemy can throw at me about myself and about God, but thank goodness we don't need to believe everything we think. If I start believing unbiblical things about the Lord in my pain then surly there is no hope for me, for who can heal themselves?

The message that satan communicated to Eve in the garden is the same thing he whispers to us while we wage our private wars. It is something along the lines of "does God really know best?" How we answer that one question will determine whether or not we will walk in victory.

Therefore, the question is not just do we believe in God but rather what do we believe He is truly like?

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