Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hidden Person of the Heart

I woke up a few months back with this verse running through my head. Some versions refer to the inner self as the hidden person of the heart. Lately (meaning the last few years) I have been in somewhat of a mundane season. Go to work, go to church, clean my house, repeat. Sounds boring I know, of course there are other things added into the mix of life but in general this has been the basic routine. The mundane of life in itself is not bad but it does have a way of dulling us if we're not careful. Subtle distractions that pull on our hearts to look somewhere other than Jesus, or perhaps just to settle and stop fighting for passion in our lives. In this season I noticed that there were things I started to pay more attention to that I hadn't before. Things on the outside that I wanted just so when before they didn't take such a place of importance.

I slowly, subtly, but surely, somewhere within the routine of life started to make the outward things primary and the inward things secondary. I started to feel the emptiness but dismissed it most days, who has time in the business of the mundane (how's that for an oxymoron?) to tend to such things? Until I woke up that one morning and God dropped that above verse in my mind. It didn't bring instant change of course, I thought about it, and churned over it and then eventually weeks later I took my correction. 

The inner things should be primary and the outer things secondary. Neither should ever be neglected, only kept in the right order. Some live lives of pristine on the outside. You walk into their home and all their china matches, it is never messy, they always look sharp, but when they open their mouth and the majority of what comes out is negativity, criticism of everything, and endless words about nothing in particular you start to wonder if the inner things have been attended to. I myself show these symptoms when my heart has been left to itself.

The hubs and I decided to "deep clean" the house a few weekends back. As I was moving the couches to vacuum behind them there was one spot in particular that was a pain to reach. I thought to myself about how I could just leave it dirty and no one would even know because the couch would go right back over it. But I would know it was there, I would know our house wasn't really "clean" even if others wouldn't know the difference. Is it not the same with our heart? The inner man is a place only God sees, if we left certain parts of our heart unattended who else would notice? Just you and God. But you would know something wasn't quite right…

What Peter is saying to us is that we shouldn’t tend more to the outside than to the inside. Both need tending to the key is to have them in the right order. We need to take the time to sit with Jesus and adorn our inner man with faithfulness, kindness, love, patience…those are the rubies and gems which are true and not just for show. 

So in the business of our mundane routines may we make the time to sit with Him and adorn the hidden person of the heart with His definition of what real beauty is. 

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