Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm here...maybe.

Wow! Haven't been here in a while :) I have been in such a divided place lately. I have been torn about everything, including blogging! I want to blog but then there is a growing desire in me to keep everything private. It's strange. On another note, This summer has been glorious. It is SO MUCH better than last summer! I am hoping to post about some travels, friends, places, and thoughts soon! ...or at least I set a goal for myself to get some posts done by the end of the summer. I have thought about re-vamping this whole blog, but then I think no I like it as is...but then I think I don't want to blog at all! haha, welcome to my world where none of my thoughts seemed fully formed as of late! ;) Anyways, just wanted to say heyy and that I'm still here and I am hoping to starting posting again soon and more frequently...but we will see what the future holds...ha there I go again being all vague and ambiguous!

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