Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I like it HOT...not lukewarm.

As much as the title may deceive you I am referring to tea in this post ;)
I got a teapot warmer for Christmas and it is by far one of my fav gifts I received this season! I really dislike lukewarm tea and prefer it to be piping hot! This works like a charm :) ...and considering it's 12 degrees outside today this will come in quite handy.
BTW- It is a coincidence that my mug matches my shirt, but it is true that mustard is one of my favorite colors! With that to say, stay HOT today...not lukewarm ;)


  1. I love your pictures! Especially the one you're in!

    (I posted this comment..or a variation of it..yesterday, but it didn't show up.. ?

  2. this is the cutest pic of you everrrrr....you're so delightful