Saturday, January 7, 2012

21 Things you never really needed to know about me

1.) I have an obsession with loose leaf tea 

2.) I had my boating license before my drivers license 

3.) Every summer in high school I would move into our camp on the lake, with no running water or indoor plumbing...yes, because I wanted to. 

4.) I LOVE to travel

5.) I am afraid I am too much yet not enough all at the same time.

6.) I loath wearing bike helmets... and life jackets for that matter, my parents tried to teach me otherwise.

7.) If I had a horse I would name him Noble

8.) I want to be a philanthropist when I grow up

9.) I saw the pacific ocean before I saw the Atlantic 

10.) I once owned a dog whose tongue was too long for his mouth

11.) My husband and I bond over folk music that tell stories. We love Andrew Peterson and Sara Groves. 

12.) Shabby Chic probably describes the style I like the most

13.) I am Outward Bound Alumni (look it up)

14.) I once got stranded in Mitchell, South Dakota 

15.) So far, I have been on 3 cross country road trips

16.) I love Mimi's whole made elderberry jelly. She only makes it once a year, I consider it a delicacy. Mimi is my grandma, her name is really Jean but I will always call her "Mimi"

17.) My favorite vacations have been with my mom, just her and I. Together we have explored northern Maine, been to the summit of Mt. Washington, and rode bikes through some of the prettiest mountains in Vermont.

18.) I may be alone in this, but I love salt&Vinegar chips 

19.) I believe whoever created the Swiffer is a genius. 

20.) I have had the same best friend since 3rd grade.

21.) I believe that God wants to speak to us everyday, and I do my best to try and listen. 

There you have it! 21 Things you never really needed to know about me... :) 


  1. You are NOT alone with the salt and vinegar chips. I'd eat them all day, knowing full well that if I did, I'd no longer have any feeling in my mouth.


  2. I think those are some pretty awesome things to know about you :)