Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin spice and everything...Autumn

I turn up the volume of one of my favorite indie CD's and go over to the window. I pull back the roman blind as far as it will go so that the sun comes spilling into the room, making it warm. When the wind blows I can see some of the different colored leaves falling to the now browning grass. I pull over a bean bag and a fuzzy blanket and fall asleep there..happy.  


Summer is not my favorite season and by reading this blog I don't have to tell you which one is.  As it gets colder I get to start putting back tons of blankets on my bed! I love being buried under heavy comforters. Getting lost in a book cozy in bed while the wind blows outside. There aint nothin else like it :)

I never tire of pulling out my sweaters I store in totes under my bed during the summer.  Boots, scarfs, and sweaters, are just "my style" and I get very happy
knowing I can wear them outside in the crisp air. The air...is something I LOVE about fall. There is no other air like it for the rest of the year. I have been to the west and I hate their seasons...because they don't have any.

Our fire place mantle is never lacking in fall decor. I love fall decorations of all kinds! They just make me feel cozy. And of course, I light every fall scented candle known to man..but muled cider is my favorite. Sipping tea on the carpeted floor while reading a magizine to the smell of cookies in the oven, one of my favorite things ever. Knowing that my warm fuzzy socks are coming out the dryer and I can put them on any minute! Starring into the flames of the fireplace knowing I don't have to be anywhere that night...delicious.
Pumpkin pie? yes please. Apple cider? yes please. whole made apple everything and anything, YES!

and please don't forget the pumpkin spice latte! It would not be fall without it.


Here is to my favorite time the year, FALL!!!


  1. here's to the four seasons**

    i need them all.


    p.s. let's do tea??

  2. you, me, & tea sounds amazing!