Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's The Stuff

I stretched out my right arm letting the wind whip past my ears and comb my hair. The down hill grade was steep but I did not brake. The water to my left, the sun in my eyes, my heart exploding. Under my breath I whispered, "that's the stuff." You can think that's cheesy but I really said it out loud. In that moment my mind was racing with what really makes me genuinely happy. My mom's hugs, my husband's beautiful eyes, fire flies at night, wide open country spaces, bike rides by myself, feeling free...and an overwhelming feeling not to take those small things in my life for granted. I am thankful for those "small" things that FILL up my life.

Mimi's back porch, sitting on the swing drinking lemonade and eating a whole made half moon cookie...that's the stuff....

Canoeing, sitting in the lush grass, eating veggies straight from the garden....that's the stuff....

The other night a friend came over. We spontaneously decided to paint. Micheal's was closing in 10 minutes and we decided neither of us would spend over $10. So we sprinted down the aisles and we got all our paints, brushes, and canvases for just under that price. I made tea, light tea lights in mason jars around my back porch, and we painted...and my hands were covered in it...and I felt free....


and we made a mess... :)

This is the stuff that fills my heart and makes it HAPPY.

I have known loss but I also know joy. Call me simple I don't care. We all need to not take little things for granted and nourish the relationships in our lives. If we don't then at the end of it all we will wish we had. It's not the material things in my life that fill my heart over flowing to the brim with happiness, it's the relationships I have. The the things that this world somtimes deems "insignificant" is the very stuff that makes me not only joyful but HAPPY :)

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  1. LOVE this deanna.. this is the truly beautiful stuff.. *to what matters*