Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boxes aren't for me.

I wasn’t made to fit in any man’s box. I think that’s why I feel like my heart is suffocated when I try to. The pain of watering down my dreams is more painful than being judged for dreaming them and the pain of not dreaming them at all is greater than the pain of dreaming dreams and not having them come to pass. Although both pains are great.  My body aches from trying to fit into man’s mold…I think that’s because I was never fashioned to fit it. The more I grow the more I hate the status quo. I woke up this morning- my head full of possibilities. I just have to run deeper, I can’t camp out and stay where I’ve been… I don’t want to and even if no one runs with me I’ll go anyways because even if no one else comes that is no excuse not to go at all.  

I listened to Brooke Fraser this moring, ate some blueberries, watered my flowers, and was thankful for the future. I am realizing there are deeper levels of freedom than I origanlly thought...and it tates so sweet.

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  1. Mmmhm! amen and amen sista! xoxoxo <3 miss you runner! xo