Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Most Furious Love...

I could tell you about the night when Will preached his heart out so passionately that people rushed the stage before the message was even over without an alter call ...or about the time I wanted to crawl underneath my chair out of fear because I knew that I AM was in the room...or about the crippled girl that was layed out on the couch that was totally and completely healed and ran onstage to tell her testimony of the love of God, her heart of gratitude so evident. Or that every night on the way back to the hotel we blasted Michael Ketterer's song "Wild one" which include the lyrics "I got a gun Lord, I keep it locked and loaded, lovin is my ammunition!" haha our theme song for the week ;)

Or when I got the biggest five minute bear hug from an Indian saint named Shampa...or when me and my friends got "pounced" on by Rolland Baker and laughed for what seemed like hours.... he is affectionately known as "Tigger". Or when Angela drew her sword and screamed "Let's Make War!!!" and I almost got hit in the eyeball by a mini green plastic soliderman...doesn't make sense? that's ok. Or when Rebecca looked into my eyes and saw ME, not just my face, and spoke the truth into me.

Or about the night when Philip imparted...and I met the REAL Jesus again...not the religion but the man...the most humble man....the one I had first met....
and in a ball of tears, snot, mascara streamed cheeks, and messy hair, He brushed off my heart and whispered only the way He can "There you are... I've missed you..."
and yes I felt alive...and real again...

But some moments are mine to keep.
For me, there is only one way to live, and that's in Him. There is only one way to love and that's through Him.
"People come and go saying  I can't love that way, when I hear their lies this is what I say, WATCH ME."


  1. WATCH MEEEE!!!!! <3 <3
    good job. good, good job on writing it. <3 xoxox
    I miss it. I miss you. I miss them. So good. thank you Jesus!!!

  2. This post seriously just made me cry....wiping the tears away* i will read it more than once I am sure. Wow. That ending... anointed.

  3. !!!!!! crying in a coffee shop in rochester-- it's official. I love your heart.