Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yep I'm still thinking about it...

Here is a really good run down of the event with pictures. Pastor John posted this blog on the Redeemer church's website. To view go to:        


After Furious Love

Our Furious Love Event is over. The God-event continues. Many of us are finding it difficult to talk about it, especially after Saturday evening. Here are some photos, with some commentary.
Greg Boyd
Greg Boyd spoke two times, contrasting a “Blueprint View” if the world with a “Warfare Worldview.” I find his teaching and preaching brilliant and compelling. Many were stunned at the clarity and insights God brought to us through Greg. When Greg was with us at Redeemer a few years ago we had dinner at our home and watched “Napolean Dynamite” together. What if Napolean Dynamite got saved and was brilliant and Spirit-filled? That’s Greg. You can find his writings on the Warfare Worldview here and here.
Greg played drums on our worship team Thursday evening. He is an excellent drummer! I played electric guitar. It was an empowering worship experience. 650 people were maxing out our sanctuary. Heidi Baker spoke that evening. She was coming to us directly from Mozambique. One of her flights was cancelled. I picked up her husband Rolland from the hotel and he was texting her trying to work out the flight details. We began our worship time later so that Heidi could be there to be part of it. I often play guitar with my eyes closed. I opened them at one point and Heidi was on her knees passionately worshiping. For me this was very moving. Holly Benner, our phenomenal worship leader, was God-led, taking us deep into His holy presence.
Heidi came forward. She got on her knees on the platform and continued worshiping, leading us in what became a beautifully haunting a capella singing. The sound crew later played this exprience back to me. We were trying to decide if we heard a violin section appearing out of nowhere accompanying the praise.
Then Heidi preached.
I don’t know how to write about this right now…
Darren Wilson (producer of “Finger of God” and “Furious Love,” as well as his new book Filming God) led a panel discussion which was transparent, real, vulnerable, and endeared us to all the speakers.
Left to right – Darren Wilson, Robbie Dawkins, Phillip Mantofa, Will Hart,
Shampa Rice, Mattheus van der Steen, Rolland Baker,
Greg Boyd, Angela Greenig, Rebecca van der Steen
Angela Greenig taught on deliverance and led a session that no one will ever forget.
Greg Boyd, Angela Greenig, Rebecca van der Steen
Shampa Rice opened Furious Love up on Wednesday evening with an incredible message on the love of God. Linda and I wish Shampa and her husband Jonathan were closer to Monroe! As a little girl growing up in Calcutta Shampa lived across from Mother Teresa. She would go and hug Mother Teresa’s legs. Shampa did a second session and shared about her being abused as a child. It was yet another session no one will ever forget.
Josh Bentley, Mattheus van der Steen, Phillip Mantofa,
and Shampa Rice
Mattheus van der Steen trained under Brother Andrew (of God’s Smuggler). Mattheus is from the Netherlands. He spoke on Thursday evening and gave yet another unforgettable message accompanied by God’s power. And, he gave what may be the funniest sermon illustration (out of his personal life) that I have ever heard.
Mattheus van der Steen
We had people from around the U.S. and world with us. One newly married couple chose to celebrate their honeymoon at Furious Love. Here is Will Hart (from Randy Clark’s ministry) blessing them.
Will Hart
I am so thankful Robbie Dawkins (Vineyard pastor in Chicago) was with us. I got to spend some time with him and his wonderful wife Angie. Robbie spoke twice, and gave the perfect, God-anointed message at Redeemer on Sunday morning.
Robbie Dawkins and me
I am so proud of the 100+ Redeemer servants who served like crazy worker bees throughout the entire event. Thanks to Josh Bentley who did a phenomenal job coordinating this. I heard many compliments about the hospitality that was lovingly served up to all. Here are a few of them.
Saturday evening. Phillip Mantofa from Indonesia spoke on “Read the Bible.” Linda said this evening was one of the three or four most significant evenings in all her life. Most of us cannot talk about it now. Words will not do it justice. God came. I’m feeling emotional as I write this. Something happened. Many of us think it was important in a way that goes beyond us. All of the speakers felt the same. It was different. It felt different. We shall see.
Phillip Mantofa

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Most Furious Love...

I could tell you about the night when Will preached his heart out so passionately that people rushed the stage before the message was even over without an alter call ...or about the time I wanted to crawl underneath my chair out of fear because I knew that I AM was in the room...or about the crippled girl that was layed out on the couch that was totally and completely healed and ran onstage to tell her testimony of the love of God, her heart of gratitude so evident. Or that every night on the way back to the hotel we blasted Michael Ketterer's song "Wild one" which include the lyrics "I got a gun Lord, I keep it locked and loaded, lovin is my ammunition!" haha our theme song for the week ;)

Or when I got the biggest five minute bear hug from an Indian saint named Shampa...or when me and my friends got "pounced" on by Rolland Baker and laughed for what seemed like hours.... he is affectionately known as "Tigger". Or when Angela drew her sword and screamed "Let's Make War!!!" and I almost got hit in the eyeball by a mini green plastic soliderman...doesn't make sense? that's ok. Or when Rebecca looked into my eyes and saw ME, not just my face, and spoke the truth into me.

Or about the night when Philip imparted...and I met the REAL Jesus again...not the religion but the man...the most humble man....the one I had first met....
and in a ball of tears, snot, mascara streamed cheeks, and messy hair, He brushed off my heart and whispered only the way He can "There you are... I've missed you..."
and yes I felt alive...and real again...

But some moments are mine to keep.
For me, there is only one way to live, and that's in Him. There is only one way to love and that's through Him.
"People come and go saying  I can't love that way, when I hear their lies this is what I say, WATCH ME."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Furious Love Event Part 1?

I don't really know what to say or what to write about this event...all my words will prove to be insufficient. In the next few months of my life (and in the next few posts) I will begin to unpack this thing I experienced called "The Furious Love Event". 
All I know is that three girls that are self proclaimed "wild ones for Jesus" will never be the same...

"The Event was a trauma to the system of comfortable Christianity and a world of excuses."
-Darren Wilson (Director of "The Finger of God" and "Furious Love")
To read more about the event check out Darren's blog (it's great!), he says it so much better than me :)

SO much more to say but not sure how to say it....
more to come soon :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's about time...

for an adventure!!!! Or maybe more of an event. A few friends and I will be road trippin it out of state tomorrow to attend the Furious Love Event. It's going to be EPIC. Stay tuned for more details....