Thursday, February 10, 2011

Born Into Brothels


I found out about this documentary from my roommate my junior year of college. Since then I have bought and seen it a bunch of times :) I would highly recommend it even if you're typically not into documentaries. It takes place in the red light district of Calcutta India and it's about the children of the sex workers there. A journalist/photographer from London was researching life in the brothels and choose to live among the women there for two years and this is one of the projects that developed from that experience. She eventually ended up teaching the children photography. One thing I love about this film is that you not only get a raw insight into these kids lives (it's hard to imagine growing up in a brothel) but despite their "less fortunate" situations they are so bright and have such profound things to say. Some of the things these kids say just leaves me wondering if they were born with that wisdom or if the pain they have experienced in their life deposited it in them. Either way by watching the film it is easy to become quite fond of all of them. 

I'm also partial to this documentary because I am deeply passionate about social justice issues but more so about human trafficking than anything else. Girls all over the world are living a life of prostitution not by choice but by force/exploitation or because they are so poor they have no other option, and I really do mean no other option. We who live in the United States can't imagine being that desperate just to survive. I've heard stories of some girls who were even sold by their parents because their family needed the money, we don't know poverty like that compared to some other areas of the world. These types of situations are the backdrop for this film but not necessarily the main focus. The film is still riddled with heartbreaking situations, but it's reality, and I believe it's important to never shut our eyes to the truth. However, the film leaves the viewer with a feeling of hope not hopelessness and I think that's important. 

I'm really into good documentaries so if you know of any other good ones do share! :)


  1. Actually, it is happening in our own nation. The only difference is the western culture is so blinded to it and/or hiding it. I've been to several exodus cry meetings and it's shocking how many brothels are in our own country! Nevertheless, it's global and we need a just judge!

    Check out the official nefarious trailer. So much footage that they had to push it to April 2011 instead of december 2010

  2. I like when you say "and I really do mean no other option"

    people just don't get that.