Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love me some Tea please!

Tea Tumbler
Anthropologie $12 each
Loose Leaf Tea

I LOVE TEA! I am quickly turning into a tea fanatic. Recently I went to Teavana and bought two canisters of loose leaf tea. If you are looking for some good tea Teavana's tea is all organic and good quality. You can buy a canister and fill it up with your choice of tea (they charge by the oz.) and bring the canister back into the store and refill it as many times as you would like. If you are going to use a tea tumbler to brew your tea you will want to use a glass one. There is a residue from some metal and plastic tumblers that can alter the taste of tea. I use a glass tumbler and would recommend that.

The temperatures and steeping time for white, green, and black tea
all vary. If white tea is steeped too long you will get an acidic or bitter taste, so timing is important!  I also just bought two adorable tea cups from Anthroplogie.

In my opinion the tea is just more enjoyable when you are drinking it out of an interesting tea cup. You can also find great tea cups at antique stores or thrift shops.  There are also plenty of health benefits to drinking tea. Tea is loaded with antioxidants and has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee typically has two to three times the amount of caffeine compared to tea, unless you take your tea with a lot of sugar and cream. I typically always drink straight tea and skip the sugar and cream. Tea also helps keep you hydrated, is calorie-free, and can increase metabolism. If you have never visited a tea room I highly recommend it! While in Albuquerque, NM I was able to visit a fantastic one.  Let's just say drinking tea is something I can feel good about, literally.

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