Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artist Recommendation: Brooke Fraser

 One of the albums that I have been playing over and over lately is Flags by Brooke Fraser. One of the things I love about Brooke, or Brookie as I fondly refer to her, is that her lyrics have substance to them. It's all about the lyrics for me folks! She always has thoughtful things to say. However, this album is different than her last records because it has plenty of raw folky sounds. Folk pop is what I would call it. I don't like overproduced music and this album is definitely not overproduced, which is one of the reasons it's been playing repeatedly in my car lately! It has more of a raw indie sound compared to her last records- which I love! Brooke usually writes all her own music and plays her own instruments which is admirable. She also produced this entire record herself which was a first for her. I think she did a great job and that further goes to show her ability as an artist.
  Brooke is an artist that I really respect for more reasons than just her music. She is an amazing singer/songwriter, she is beautiful, she has a great personality, but she also has a deep faith that she doesn't hide despite being in the mainstream music industry. I really respect the way she carries herself in the secular music industry as a music artist who is a Christian not a Christian music artist. Her songs are not as popular in the states as they are overseas. In New Zealand, where she is originally from, she has won and been nominated for numerous awards. Including, best female solo artist, and breakthrough artist of the year, which she both won in 2004. I have seen numerous interviews with her and she seems like so much fun! I'm looking forward to hearing many more good things come from her in the future.

                                            "Something in the Water" : single from album Flags

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